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2.0 Components of an Effective Instructor Led Training Course

An effective instructor led training course has many components. These include aspects of managing the class, effective methods for delivering the information and working with all types of students. We will discuss each of these in this lesson. New Horizons also has several principles for effective training called the Training Absolutes. They are shown below

(would like to make this a flash animation that the learner initiates by the click of a button.):


Most of these absolutes will be discussed throughout this course. When a particular Training Absolute is referenced in a lesson, it will be indicated by the corresponding number for that Training Absolute (ie.The class goes., You are responsible for everything that occurs in the classroom.) at the beginning of the lesson. If you click on the number, it will bring up a pop-up window that displays the training absolutes. Try it on the #1 and #2 above.