New Horizons Training Camp
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About this Course

New Horizons Training Camp is an educational website designed to prepare the new instructor for delivering exceptional instructor led computer training classes.

Navigation: The simplest method for moving through the lesson is to use the next page Next Page and the previous page Previous Page buttons. You may also go directly to a desired lesson by clicking on the links in the table of contents pane which also serves as the course navigation.

Ask an Expert: At any point through the course, you may click on the Ask an Expert button Ask an Expert for the Ask an Expert anytime page. This will allow you to send a message to a veteran instructor and ask them about the information in the lessons at any point throughout the course. At the end of each Chapter, there is also an Ask an Expert exercise. This exercise is designed to give you an opportunity to interact with a veteran instructor about specific topics from the lesson. All Ask an Expert answers will be sent to your New Horizons email account.

Training Camp Help: The help icon Training Camp Help in the top navigation bar will allow you to send a help question or comment about the Training Camp course itself to the webmaster.

Skill Drill: A Skill Drill quiz concludes each lesson and will allow you to test your understanding of the information. You also have the option of taking the quiz before the lesson. A score of notsure will allow you to test out of that lesson and skip to the next lesson.

Video: A media icon Media Icon in the navigation pane indicates the presence of an interactive video in the lesson which will show proper instructional techniques. There are control buttons under the video portion to play or pause the video.

In the lesson, the activity will also be highlighted by burgandy shading.

Training Absolutes: New Horizons also has several principles for effective training called the Training Absolutes. The Training Absolute utilized by each lesson will be indicated with these icons (ie.The class goes., You are responsible for everything that occurs in the classroom.) at the beginning of the lesson. The Training Absolutes are discussed in the Components of an Effective Instructor Led Training Course lesson.

Activity: An activity icon Activity icon in the navigation pane indicates the lesson includes an interactive activity.