Integrating Technology and Learning - Michelle Lynn's Master's Portfolio for CU Denver


The ILT Competencies are milestones students are required to reach to graduate with their MA degree from the ILT program. The Competencies are based on standards established by professional organizations such as AECT, ISPI, IBSTPI, and ISTE. As you progress through the program, you will demonstrate these competencies by completing specific projects in different courses.

  1. Adopt a reflective-practice stance to your work
  2. Conduct a needs assessment for learning or performance interventions
  3. Applying theory and best practices, conduct an analysis of learners, content and context for instruction, and design activities and experiences for learning
  4. Accommodate the needs of diverse learners through media and technology
  5. Use tools and apply message-design principles to develop products and resources to support learning and performance
  6. Implement and evaluate effectiveness of programs, products, or practices
  7. Assess student/participant learning
  8. Utilize research methods to investigate a learning, organizational, or performance problem
  9. Manage a development or related project
  10. Participate in a change process and provide leadership in helping people adopt new technologies or practices